Value for Restaurant

Catering Automation

Reduce labor cost and increase service efficiency 

Objective Customer Satisfaction

Judge the quality of dishes directly based on accurate customer behavior data. 

Boost Profit

Absorb more customers by higher satisfaction & 
Reduce redundancy and food waste.

User Behavior Collection

Provide a low cost and accurate method to record all the user behaviors.

Enhance SCM

Automatically calculate refill actions leading to diminish food waste and upgrade food variety.

Value for Diner

Fully Customized Diet

Customize your food combination according to the food you like and the amount you need.

Visualized Diet Reports

Visualize your diet along with detailed nutrition information, ingredients and portion sizes. 

Smart Mobile App

Track and analyze your diet behavior anywhere with confidence.

Real-time Data

Record and sync your intake and nutrition data in our platform right after taking the food.

Personalized Diet Suggestions

Guide you with real-time data, historical performance, and your unique body status

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