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Personal Diet Digitalization Platform

What is AntX ?

AntX is a platform providing diners a new way to manage their diet data, and also giving restaurants an efficient method to improve their qualities and supply chains.


With our system, restaurants are able to sell the food by weight, as tiny as one gram, differentiating the price for food at the same time. Customers only pay for the food they like and the amount of food they really need, which enables people to customize their own diet with money saved and higher satisfaction. Meanwhile, we provide catering automation services for restaurants, to help them reduce labor cost and improve the supply chain.

Who is AntX for?

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Catering Automation

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Our Product

We customized our products to meet any restaurants' special requests.


Here are two typical products, the above is the Cabinet Model, and below is the Desktop Model.

- Cabinet Model combines the warming system with our smart scale system, which is easy to deploy to restaurants if they need to keep their dishes warm.

- Desktop Model is much portable, and it can be deployed to restaurants without any changes in layout.

Our products are connected by our network, and real-time data are synced to our cloud database. Based on our software system, we provide a Sales Management Platform for restaurants, and a Diet Data Management Platform for customers.

Restaurants can use this system to optimize their management, such as improving food preparation and refilling system. At the same time, customers can use this system to track their diet and then develop a better and healthier eating habit.  


You are here because you are:

A restaurant, food operation, or commercial kitchen

Person with a healthy lifestyle

Person tired of unified size and type of food

dietary institution, scholar, company


Looking for an easier way to:

Improve service quality and minimize costs

Precisely control intake and keep track of health

Fully customized diet and grow your health to a new level

Collect accurate diet data

You've come to the right place!

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